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Dateline NBC The Disappearance of Tara Grinstead (HD, New, TV-PG) A twist during the investigation of a missing former Georgia beauty queen changes everything; correspondent Andrea Canning reports on the case.
Channel 2 News Late Edition (New) The day's news events, business reports, sports updates, Anchorage area weather information and tomorrow's forecast are presented by the Channel 2 News Team.
The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon (HD, Repeat, TV-14) Comic Kenan Thompson; musical guests Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani perform; "Best of Fallon" moments.
Late Night with Seth Meyers (HD, Repeat, TV-14) "Amy Schumer Learns To Cook" stars Amy Schumer and Chris Fischer; "The Graham Norton Show" host Graham Norton.

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Captive Pursuit (TV-PG) O'Brien befriends the first visitor from the Gamma Quadrant, a guarded alien whose revealed purpose in life violates basic Federation principles.
Star Trek: Voyager Death Wish (TV-PG) Voyager frees a captive member of the Q Continuum, and a trial is held to determine whether or not the immortal being has the right to commit suicide.
Star Trek: Enterprise Similitude (TV-PG) When Trip is injured, a new simbiot is created for a transplant, but a decision must be made to kill the simbiot following transplant or extend the lifespan.

In Plain Sight One Night Stan (HD, TV-14) When Stan's badge is found amongst the bones of a murder victim, he becomes the prime suspect in the case, forcing Mary and Marshall to investigate his past.
The Good Wife Bitcoin for Dummies (HD, TV-14) Alicia defends a lawyer who hires the firm after the government decides to arrest him for not coming forth with the name of an anonymous client.
Strong Medicine Stages (TV-14) Lu begins dating again for the first time since she was raped; Dana undergoes embryo fertilization.

Dateline The Face of Evil (HD, TV-14) When the body of a college student is found in a ditch on the side of the road, investigators discover similar attacks and begin looking for a serial killer.
2 Broke Girls And the Old Bike Yarn (HD, TV-14) Caroline finds an isolated bicycle and decides to use it to launch a delivery service for their cupcake shop, but realizes Max does not know how to ride a bike.
2 Broke Girls And the Three Boys with Wood (HD, TV-14) Max and Caroline expose two innocent Amish boys who are exploring the modern world of New York City in exchange for a barn to be built for Chestnut.
How I Met Your Mother Shelter Island (HD, TV-14) Stella and Ted make the spontaneous decision to get married in three days, but they find that the presence of their exes ruins their special day.
Pawn Stars Ah, Shoot! (HD, TV-PG) The items presented include a newly-discovered picture by renowned photographer Ansel Adams, a stylish Jaguar XJ6 & a football signed by the 1942 Chicago Bears.

Three's Company Janet's Secret (TV-PG) When Janet's parents stop in for a visit, they assume that she and Jack are married and Janet must pretend that they really are to avoid any questions.
Three's Company Father of the Bride (TV-PG) Cindy is blinded by the wealth of an older man who wants to marry her, leading Jack and Janet to take drastic action.
Johnny Carson (TV-PG) Guests Dennis Hopper, Joan Embery and Rich Hall.
Designing Women There's Some Black People Coming to Dinner (TV-PG) A boy's father tells Mary Jo that he doesn't want his son going with Claudia to the school dance because she is white and he is black.
Designing Women The Return of Ray Don (TV-PG) The ladies of Sugarbaker's decide to join forces and help Suzanne after her accountant takes her money and her home is impounded by the IRS.

« Rise of a Texas Bluesman: Stevie Ray Vaughan 1954 - 1983 (NR) A detailed look is taken at the formative years of Steve Ray Vaughn's illustrious career, including an exploration of his place within Texas blues.
Best of Coffee, Country & Cody Some of the best moments are shown as TV personality Bill Cody helps deliver entertainment by starting off the day featuring music, guest appearances, and news.
Paid Program (TV-G) Sponsored television programming.
Paid Program (TV-G) Sponsored television programming.
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