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« Law & Order: Criminal Intent The Pardoner's Tale (HD, TV-14) While investigating the assassination of a reporter and his fiancĂ©e, Goren and Eames pick up a trail of political conspiracy that reaches the governor's office.
How I Met Your Mother Something Old (TV-14) Robin gets desperate to find her "something old" that she took time to bury in Central Park; Ted helps Marshall and Lily pack up for Italy.
How I Met Your Mother The Wedding Bride (TV-PG) When Ted takes a date to see a new movie, he is shocked when the story is based on his life, and that it is written by the man Stella left him for at the altar.
Last Man Standing Ding Dong Ditch (TV-PG) The Baxters are constantly awakened by a prankster, who ding-dong ditches them, but when he is caught, he gets hurt and expects Mike to pay the doctor bill.
Last Man Standing Animal Wrongs (TV-PG) When Mandy's new boyfriend, Terrence, turns out to be an animal-rights activist, he and Mike clash because Mike happens to collect guns and hunts for sport.
The X-Files The Colony (TV-14) After four identical men die, the agents are contacted by a CIA informant who tells them about a bounty hunter sent to wipe out the beginning of a clone colony.

Family Ties The Last of the Red Hot Psychologists, Part 2 (TV-PG) Alex admits that he has feelings for a psychology student who is currently researching him for a project on overachievers and she returns the sentiment.
Maude The Case of the Broken Punch Bowl (TV-PG) When Maude and Walter return home from their second honeymoon they discover Maude's priceless antique crystal punch bowl has been broken.
Maude Walter's Stigma (TV-PG) While Maude plans a surprise birthday party for Walter, two police officers have tracked down the identity of a flasher, and Walter fits the description.
Sanford and Son The Oddfather (TV-PG) After Fred witnesses a murder attempt, he lands in the hospital under intense security, but despite police protection, he thinks the killer will get to him.
Sanford and Son Can You Chop This? (TV-PG) Lamont has just enough money to take acting school, but Fred sees a commercial for a get rich quick scheme and decides to give it a try using Lamont's funds.
Good Times Florida's Big Gig (TV-PG) James makes Florida go with him on an interview at a department store, but the manager hires Florida instead which shocks James.

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