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Will & Grace There's Something About Larry (HD, Repeat, TV-14) An old friend of Will and Grace decides that he's in love with Will; Jack hits his neighbor on his first day as a Lyft driver; Karen helps bail out Jack.
Saturday Night Live (HD, New, TV-14) Actress Jessica Chastain hosts; musical guest Troye Sivan performs.
Saturday Night Live (HD, TV-14) NBC's award-winning late-night comedy showcase features sketch comedy, celebrity hosts and musical performances live before a studio audience.

Rocky Mountain Law Midnight Mountain Madness (HD, TV-14) Nightfall in the Rockies often brings trouble for Colorado deputies, who have to referee domestic disputes, tend to victims of collisions, and deal with abuse.
Rocky Mountain Law Smugglers and Skeletons (HD, TV-14) Sheriff deputies investigate a mystery surrounding skeletal remains; the officers deal with drug runners transporting contraband along the highway corridor.
Manhunters: Fugitive Task Force Fight or Flight (HD, TV-14) Cameras follow elite agents of the U.S. Marshals as they track down dangerous criminals on the run in the New York/New Jersey areas.
Manhunters: Fugitive Task Force Chinatown Takedown (HD, TV-PG) Commander Lenny DePaul receives a frantic call from his colleagues in Washington, DC about a suspect of theirs who has turned up in Manhattan's Chinatown.

Pawn Stars License to Pawn (HD, TV-PG) The items include a unique 1862 Civil War stamp, a 1980 10th anniversary T-tops Datsun ZX sports car and an original 1964 James Bond "Goldfinger" script.
Pawn Stars Monkey Business (HD, TV-PG) The staff views a hat worn by legendary Western actor John Wayne, a Rembrandt artwork and a classic clapping chimp toy from the 1950s.
Haven Enter Sandman (HD, TV-14) Audrey is ensnared in the world of the Sandman, and she could be lost in his mind for eternity; Duke helps Darkside Seeker Seth Byrne to retrieve his memories.
The X-Files Apocrypha (TV-14) Mulder pursues Krycek, not knowing about the alien that has taken over his body, to get back the DAT tape containing the MJ12 Documents.

Dennis the Menace The Bully (TV-G) Dennis makes a promise to his mother that lands him on the wrong side of a physical altercation with a bully, leading Mr. Wilson to teach him to fight.
The Joey Bishop Show Three's a Crowd (TV-G) Ellie is growing frustrated of Joey's friend, Freddie, stopping by unannounced and when he invites himself over during their anniversary, Ellie has had enough.
Good Morning World The Man Who Came to Din Din When Roland sustains a back injury while at the Lewis Home, he cannot be moved for a few days, so Dave and Linda care for him but struggle to do so.
McHale's Navy A Nip in Time (TV-PG) When the crew discovers how much money can be made in the war-souvenir market, they plan a foray into an off-limit town to search, but are soon captured.
Father Knows Best Betty Goes to College (TV-G) Jim and Margaret make elaborate plans for Betty to attend their alma mater, only to learn that Betty wants to stay home and attend a junior college.
The Jack Benny Program The Lucille Ball Show (TV-G) Lucille Ball drops by to give the "true" story behind Paul Reveres famous ride.
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